View Full Version : FactoryTalk SE Parameters interaction with VB

September 8th, 2016, 06:11 AM
Hi Engineers,

Hope to get some advice from experts out there.

I want to read tag properties ( i.e. description, state etc) in VB script.

I have used a text file with all the tag names and loaded that text file (using FileSystem) to VB, added all those to tags to tag group and hence read the tag properties in vb script.

Now I am asked to avoid having external text files and use something integrate in the project such as parameters or recipes to load tags to VB script. I have been bashing my head around but could not find how to do.

So my final weapon is this platform. Anyone has ideas how to load tags to VB using parameter file?

I know I can use 'TagParameters' but that can have only fixed tags. In my case when the faceplate is displayed it can be all the device 1 interlocks or device 2 interlocks and so on.

for clearer picture
Main mimic:
1. Device 1 button, Device 2 button...Device 9 button
2. These buttons opens faceplate loading associated interlocks tags e.g. Dev1_IL1, Dev1_IL2... for device 1, or Dev2_IL1, Dev2_IL2... for device 2
3. These tags are then loaded to listbox using VB script.