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March 6th, 2006, 06:34 PM
I am a Maintenance Technician/PLC Technican in Minnesota. I am currently looking for a new job where i can get involved more in plc programming and networking. I have two years of school but not a lot of on the job expirence. I was wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction where companies hire people like myself,who have some expirence and wants to learn, its been very tough to find. I am willing to go anywhere down south preferebly in the packaging industry. Check out this site, it is a backhoe arm controlled from a laptop that myself and a another guy built at Alexandria Tech College.

Thank you

Ken Moore
March 7th, 2006, 04:40 AM
I would start by using the on line empolyment listings, such as www.careerbuilder.com, www.jobbankusa.com or www.monster.com. Type in your keywords and see what's available where. You will most likely have to move to an area with a lot of jobs, and then get a job, or if you're lucky, get a job and then move. Many of the state employment agencies have listings also, but I don't know the links. Some of the better employment opportunities in my area are only listed with the state agency. I believe they may get some advantage by doing this, not sure.

I doubt that any company will pay for your move, so you will have to "eat" that expense. I assume that you are pretty young, so maybe you don't have much stuff yet.

When I was 21 I moved to the West Coast in an El Camino and had all my "stuff" inside the cab. Even if you have a lot of belongings, you could always put most of your stuff in storage and retrieve it after you've gotten established. Travel light in the beginning, because the first job you find/get, may not be ideal, and you may want to try another geographical area.