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January 19th, 2007, 11:23 AM
I have an older Mitsubishi FX-16MR-ES/UL with older version software 3 1/2 in. disk and 12v key. Never used. Any value?

January 19th, 2007, 12:55 PM
Probably very little unles you find someone who really needs one.

Good luck, you could also use it to automate your house or something.http://www.plctalk.net/qanda/images/icons/icon7.gif

Sergei Troizky
January 20th, 2007, 12:24 AM
Just curious.
What is 12V key?

January 20th, 2007, 03:21 AM
Although it is only a small I/O plc and obsolete and the software will probably be Medoc, it is still of some use to someone that would like to learn Mitsubishi.

It is programmed using the 'still used' SC-09 cable and the instruction set is almost the same as modern mitsubishi FX series plc's

In fact, the Mitsubishi FX-16MR-ES/UL is a very powerful plc with a lot of math functions the middle range FX series still dont have.

Someone somewhere would buy it.

January 20th, 2007, 03:26 AM
I agree, it is not worthless by any strech of the imagination, especially as a learning tool. Those little FXs last forever (that is untill they go swimming) but I have seen some of these guys take a bath and actually keep working for up to a year!

Solid little machine


January 20th, 2007, 04:26 AM
They definitely dont like coffee washing around inside.
Had one powered up on my desk when the coffee jumped out of the cup and into the plc.
They make an impressive sounding BANG lol

January 20th, 2007, 06:33 AM

We have had several customers INSIST on a nema 4X cabinet and then let thier own "in house" electrcians drop EMT into the top of the control panel. They will punch a 3/4 hole in the top of the cab and put 1/2 inch conduit into the "hole". and cover the space with electrical tape.
ITS A WATER SYSTEM! FOR THE LOVE OF (insert your god here)!!!!

They blew one from condensation dripping water off of a cooling water line above the control panel. It was a 120 volt system so it shorted out and burned the contacts on the top of the PLC.

I fixed it with silly putty (the plumbers version) for the hole and gave them a new PLC. The PLC... rust stains and all... is still somewhere in the office with a pigtail waiting for a new program for testing.

We use it all the time, I just wouldn't rely on it for biotech research which is what they were using it for.

Tough little dude is the FX