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January 23rd, 2007, 02:27 AM

I have a plc Siemens CPU 314 V1.1 and a couple of I/O modules wich will replace an old S5 PLC:

1 DI 16x 24V and 1 8DI/8DO outputs

now my problem is that i want to assign the adresses of the DI and the DI/DO module manualy but it is not possible. The system does it for me but the adresses are different then the old adresses used in a siemes S5. And i want to save the same adresses? Is this possible or not. In the S5 PLC they used 4x 8 DI and 1x 8DO.


January 23rd, 2007, 03:44 AM
Hm, I cann't uncheck "System default" option too. I see this problem first time, it was absent in previous HW config version. HW config version on my PC:
Version: V5.3+SP2+HF2
Revision level: K5.3.2.2

Do anyone else have this problem?