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November 6th, 2008, 03:11 PM
I am starting a new thread on this subject as the past one was getting long and I have learned some things from all of your help and assistance. Here is what I have now...

Problem: Can not get the historical trending feature working on a Panelview Plus 1250 ME v4 application.

Know conditions so far:
Startup set up correctly
Data Model set up correctly
Trend properties set up correctly
(these all verified by another member sending me a working application and me comparing to my settings... all adjusted and set to match his in concept and style... and I still have the problem)

Issues known so far (via the diagnostics of the PV):
All startup conditions without error until warnings of the following;
1) Model "RunRatio": Started ... no problem with this one (but wanted to show you it starts)
2) (CLXDP) CIP connection (0) open rejected (Error 2040101) on route to "HP_LAPTOP".Ethernet.Ethernet Bridge (1760-L35E).1789-Virtual Chassis."application name" with 0 packets on connection
3) Datalogger: Invalid tag type. Tag '[RT_plc]Run_Ratio_1st_Trend'.
4) Datalogger: Invalid tag type. Tag '[RT_plc]Run_Ratio_2nd_Trend'
5) (CLXDP) CIP connection (0) open rejected (Error 2040101) on route to "HP_LAPTOP".Ethernet.Ethernet Bridge (1760-L35E).1789-Virtual Chassis."application name" with 0 packets on connection

and then there is no more failures but the next "information" messsages are:
6) Ethernet Driver Control Thread for has (re)-established communications.
7) (CLXDP) CIP connection (1) timed out on route to "HP_LAPTOP".Ethernet.Ethernet Bridge (1760-L35E).1789-Virtual Chassis.* ... can't see the rest of the message
8) (CLXDP) Reoptimizing "HP_LAPTOP".Ethernet.Ethernet Bridge (1769-L35E).1789-A17 Virtual Chassis."application name".
9) (CLXDP) CLX Processor download or change noticed while offline, handled on route "HP_LAPTOP".Ethernet.Ethernet Bridge (17* ... again, can see the rest of the message

What happens on the actual application is the trending works off this live data tag, but no history is collected. So I am now thinking that I need to somehow resolve the above issues of 2 thru 5 above and then maybe it will somehow work. Physically, when I download a new application to the PV, it takes a long time to actually establish communications with the PLC... and this makes me think that this delay might be causing the Datalogger not to work properly.

Is this possible and do you think I am heading in the correct direction? Any other suggestions?



November 6th, 2008, 03:35 PM
Oh, forgot to mention I searched the AB knowledge base to see what to do with the Error 2040101 connection issue, and it states to make sure the PV is not part of the tree in the PLC I/O configuration. This is not my case. I only have 1 other PLC in the I/O configuration tree (I use it to keep 2 PLC's in time sync and also some process equipment in sync).

Roy Matson
November 7th, 2008, 09:58 AM
Another thing that will stop your RSView application trending is the memory card. "If it's not an AB approved card" it may not log the data. I tried for hours to get a Transcend 256 Mb card to work. When I put in the $100 AB 64 Mb card it worked first time. I have seen other cards work but they were early versions smaller than 64 Mb. If you remove your card and put it in a card reader you should see 2 files DatalogName.log & DatalogName.tag. If you don't see these your trending will never work. Note: for some reason I am unable to see these files using the transfer utility which sucks as I would like to save the files without having to remove the card each time (I do see the application)
If you need to import the data into Excel you need the App DigConverter or RS View Enterprise File Viewer
Does anyone know the maximum size for "Maximum data points" in the data Log Model. I have mine set at 300,000 which is not a lot.
As I said previously I have only been able to log the HMI tags even though I can browse the Offline tags. I suspect I may have something wrong in my setup.
Hope this helps


November 7th, 2008, 03:21 PM

Your suggestion on the memory card is a great one... haven't heard or thought this could be the problem. I left the site of the install and I am now at an airport, but when I can get my hands on the system or a trainer I will check the difference by swapping memory. I suspect that this is not my problem, as I still had the issue when I was set up to have the data land on the internal memory (default setting) instead of the external Compact Flash.