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Phil Melore
September 29th, 2003, 10:44 PM
Hi Folks,

To keep people visiting here (ideally new people to add to our group...) I've decided to offer the forum headlines for 'syndication'... although I'm not sure that's the correct word. :scratch:

Basically, if you have an automation related website (most all sites big or small but NOT every website accepted... my disclaimer) I will provide you with one line of code to add to your website to display the following 'automatically updated' formatted data:


In other words you'll be able to provide your visitors with the ultra-latest info about what's going on here on the forum... automatically. The links are of course clickable and lead directly to the topic here on the forum. Of course it also doesn't require you to download any program or modify your server, etc. You simply add 'one line of code' to your webpage (which I'll provide to you at no cost). Then previews of the latest topics going on here will automatically be displayed/updated on your site.

If you have an automation site and are interested, kindly email me at phil@plcs.net for more details. As always, it's a FREE service.

I'm also considering creating an RSS (ie. Really Simple Syndication) newsfeed if enough people are interested in displaying or subscribing to it.
If you don't know what RSS is, basically it's what portal sites (Like Yahoo, etc) use to provide the latest headlines (from the likes of CNN and maybe PLCs.net in the future???, etc) on their sites. You can also view it using free software on your PC. (similar to the 'free ticker' we offer for your Windows toolbar but it's just text format and requires external software to view...)