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Phil Melore
January 8th, 2011, 11:40 AM
Upgrade your PLCs.net Forum membership today!

Get all the following premium forum features:

Google Enhanced Search Function- Search the forum with the power of Google to find more of the information you're looking for.
Store up to 150 Private Messages (PMs)
Attach larger files to your posts (500Kb for images and 1000Kb for other file types)
Access the 'general talk' sub forum to carry on non-plc or automation related conversations with other premium members
Get a colored username font, blue for premium members and orange for lifetime premium members
Financially support the continued survival and groth of the PLCs.net site and forums
Continue enjoying an environment free from outside advertising

Click here (http://www.plcs.net/member.shtml) to upgrade now!


Click here (http://www.plcs.net/member.shtml) to upgrade now!