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remelt furnace
March 9th, 2004, 08:42 AM
I have total 300 I/O points in control logix 1756 platform. redundant CPU & redundant controlnet network.
Also i want to connect two PC(MMI Station) to the same redundant control network.

I want the PC with HMI as a redundant one.

Which package should i have to choose. RSVIEW32 or RSVIEW SE. can you please let me know what all software should i have to buy to make the two PC redundant.
I am much familiar with hardware(PLC side) but have zero knowledge on choosing the HMI station.
I have done many installation with single RSView station. but never redundant system.

actually i went throught RSVIEW website i got so much confused with the ordering part no. i really donot know what all components i need.

can you please help me on this.


March 9th, 2004, 09:37 AM
What does your application actually require?

If it's just redundancy of the control point, the simplest thing to do is do the application in View32, and completely duplicate it to a second terminal. Of course this doesn't provide for a central history or alarm point, but it would be the easiest.

ViewSE as a solution, to be fully redundant, would be a very large investment in hardware and software, and it really really REALLY likes to be on a full fledged Windows Domain. Yes, it can run standalone, or on workgrouped computers, but it really wants to be on a domain. The ViewSE HMI Server, FactoryTalk Directory, historian, alarmer, I/O Servers, and SQL (if used) components should be on Win2k or 2003 server boxes, and there should be seperate client terminals for the actual client.

Yes, again, you **CAN** run all of ViewSE on one computer, and have a redundant duplicate computer, but you are still talking a lot of configuration and software.

For View32, you need two View32 runtime packages, and two I/O Servers (like Linx).

For ViewSE, you need two ViewSE HMI Servers, two ViewSE Clients, and two I/O Servers as a baseline (And a domain). Of course, if they are running on the server box, Linx will run without a license, so that saves some money.

I'd say probably go with dual View32 applications, but you really need to provide more information.

March 9th, 2004, 10:11 AM
dear RDRAST,
thanks a lot for your post. actually no one ever has told me this close.

I really never had any idea about RSVIEW SE. but spent this full day in studying it. But the more i read the more i got confused. I had a good article about SE in "the view - volume 4 issue 1 book" but that really confused me with domain etc etc.

I actually donot have any good knowledge in PC side. or networking side. only some what good in PLC side.

Now i did a installation with a control logix fully redundant cpu, power supply and control net network.

Previously all hmi were done in Yokogawa DCS via prosoft modbus card.
now customer does not want that way and he wants RSVIEW redundant PC on Controlnet work.

I just have to formalise in which he wants. Either one PC as engineering work station and other as operator station or
redundant PC itself.
But if my customer ask me for one engineering workstaion and other as operator station then should i go with one RSVIEW 32 works(engineering) with rslinx professional and one RSVIEW 32 runtime in operator station with RSLinx professional.

now suppose if he asks me for a redundant PC. like if one PC or rslinx fails then automatically switch over to other PC. then i really donot have any answer.

actually i just want to grab this chance otherwise wonderware guy is ready to pick this job. which i donot want to lose. even though i really donot know what i speak to them. i just want this order atleast to start learning on it. once i have the order any way i will put all my effort to make it work.

so thats all. i hope you will understand at what position i am now.

thanks again for your timely help.

March 9th, 2004, 10:33 AM
Well, with View32, even if you have one set up as an 'Engineering' or development station, it can still be online running the process as well. As I said before, Historical functions and Alarming will probably not be linked together, so you would have the same alarm notification on both terminals.

Since both are online all the time, it is essentially redundant though. Making changes to displays and things would require doing the editing on the engineering station, shutting down the 'operator' station, transferring the edited files, and restarting runtime on the 'operator' station.

ViewSE would allow for dynamic, on-line changes to displays and tags (with some exceptions, mostly related to VBA code).

If you aren't familiar with ViewSE, I would definately stick to View32 though. SE and 32 are very different 'under the hood'.

March 9th, 2004, 11:57 AM
i would better stick to view32 instead of view SE as i have no idea about SE.

thanks again for your post.

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