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Msut419 April 27th, 2018 12:06 PM

Siemens screen to GE PLC
This is an odd one all, I have GE 90/70 PLCs and a very old version of Cimplicity (6.1) to control them with. We have recently add a new machine in my plant and the controls are all new state of the art and i have Siemens screens one it, they work great and are a cheaper solution to GE upgrade.

So my question is, can I use these screens with my GE 90/70 PLCs without doing anything crazy? Does the Siemens screen have a protocol converter built in? (I do not want to use a redlion)

boneless April 27th, 2018 09:58 PM

What Siemens screen do you have?

Not familiar with the PLC you mention, what protocols does it support? Modbus might be an option?

Msut419 April 30th, 2018 01:45 PM

The 90/70 is talking over TCP/IP but i can't find if it is talking mudbus or not. I does say that it talks over SRTP.

Steve Bailey April 30th, 2018 02:02 PM

SRTP is GE's serial SNP protocol adapted for Ethernet TCP/IP. The 90-70 only ever supported SNP through the serial port on the CPU module and SRTP through the Ethernet module.
To use Modbus RTU you would need a communications coprocessor module IC697CMM711.
Or else check your documentation of the Siemens HMI to see if it supports communication with GE PLCs using SNP or SRTP.

Msut419 April 30th, 2018 02:04 PM

Awesome thank you

NetNathan April 30th, 2018 03:03 PM

For Modbus/TCP, I believe you want the IC697CMM742 module...unless the Siemens talks to GE SRTP or SNP.

JRW April 30th, 2018 03:35 PM

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Unfortunately the SNP driver went away with MP/TP x7x number panels
and WinCC Flex 2008 was the last of GE driver

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