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NDeangiver January 29th, 2016 08:00 AM

Ft View SE Button issue
Good Morning All
I have been coming here for more than a year now and just want to say that I truly appreciate the effort you guys put in. This is a fantastic site.

I'll put a lot of info so I can to try to set the stage for how its set up here, so it might be a little lengthy. I don't have access to the KB or Tech Support at this time ( gotta love a purchasing department :rolleyes: ).

I am using FactoryTalk View Studio CPR 9 SR 7 on a network distributed environment. We have nine servers, all doing various things associated with this distribution. Historian, Kepware, data servers, rockwell licensing server, Databases, terminal servers for workstations, etc, etc.

We use a "concentrator" PLC (1756-L61) to receive and send information to a 1747-L541 5/04 PLC in an Air Handling Unit that controls its functions and the associated Exhaust Fans. It is ethernet to the "Concentrator" then DH to the 5/04. ( I don't think this part matters but you never know).

I am creating a small popup window with the controls for the 2 speed exhaust fan.
In this popup I have a fairly simple set up.

The AHU display page populates the data using a parameter file.
In this parameter file is the name of the parameter file to open to populate the EF popup.
The EF popup window is opened and populated with data using the EF parameter file.

I have a button for changing from Auto Fan operation to Manual Fan operation. When it is in Auto, the Manual Control buttons are hidden, visible when in manual based on the Auto/Manual tag. At this point, everything works fine. Pressing the button uses the Toggle Tag Value command and it sets the PLC tag to Auto or Manual as its supposed to with the buttons, with the control buttons also becoming visible and hidden as it's supposed to.

The Manual Controls for the fan are 3 buttons, Start High Speed, Start Low Speed, and Stop. When the Start Fast is pressed it should set the EF_Start tag to 1 and the Start_Fast Tag to 1 while Disabling ( greying out ) the Start Low Speed button so it can't be pushed. When you push the Stop button, it should set the EF_Start, the Start_Slow, and Start_Fast tags to 0.
I have more I would like to put in the buttons, I would like to err on the side of caution, so for example, when pressing Start High Speed button, I would like to set the EF_Start, EF_Fast, and EF_Slow to 0 in Press Action, then set EF_Fast and EF_Start to 1 in Release Action. This is to insure that the Start_Slow tag isn't set when it starts in Fast.
I am trying to use the Run Command function in the Action tabs of these buttons to do this. So far it sporadically sets 1 maybe 2 tags, at most, of the tags I want to toggle.
The stop buttons Release Action looks like this.
Set {#1} 0
Set {#11} 0
Set {#12} 0

The Start High Speed button Release Action looks like this.
Set {#12} 0
Set {#11} 1

I have tried using the verify argument (/v) as well as the asynchronous (&) with little change in the results. I have used a semicolon to separate them and put them all on the same line, separate lines with semicolons at the end of the line, separate lines with no semicolon, various types of parenthesis to the tag and the whole command, spaces and no spaces between the items, no spaces at the end of the command, no carriage returns, etc etc... pretty much anything I can think of. Based on what I've read and seen it is a Relative versus Absolute reference problem, but I just can't get it through my head what's going on and how to fix it....

The parameter file looks like this.
#1=/Data Area::[Conc]EF_Start
#2=/Data Area::[Conc]EF_MAN
#11=/Data Area::[Conc]EF_FAST
#12=/Data Area::[Conc]EF_SLOW

I have tried curly brackets in the parameter file and that doesn't help either.

In the FT Diagnostic viewer, a single Start High Speed Button press returns this (I changed almost everything above to make it simpler, the ERV is the EF, Concentrator is ADMIN CONC, etc). There are 2 sets of these, one for each parameter I am attempting to change per button press.

This only seems to be happening because I am trying to set more than 1 parameter, if I change any of the buttons to Set a single tag, it works flawlessly every time.

If someone could explain what's going on in plain purple dinosaur Barney style I would appreciate it.... I'm just about to pull my hair out, because I know it's got to be a simple fix.....

rdrast January 29th, 2016 09:06 AM

#1: Don't use SE for any logic.
#2: Don't use SE for Any logic.
#3: Don't use SE for ANY logic.

Use SE to generate a simple button press, handle the logic in the PLC, and as soon as the logic has been handled, use the PLC to unlatch the tag for the SE button, as SE won't always release it on its own.

Operaghost January 29th, 2016 10:33 AM

So the errors appear to be due to tag names not being valid.

In the parameter file you need the full tag name. You mention using different types of brackets.......are you typing the tag name in here? If so, don't. Double-clicking in the parameter window opens the tag browser where you can pick the tag you wish to use.

It's not obvious that double-clicking opens the tag browser, but it does work.


NDeangiver February 1st, 2016 06:07 AM

Sorry guys, I got called to a problem that took all day to work out.

operaghost, yes, I am double clicking in the parameter file and then selecting the tag. I try to avoid typing in tags because I hate chasing the underscore I always manage to forget while typing. I added curlys when I saw that some other parameter files ( ones not created by myself ) had some on tags.

rdrast, I'm beginning to see that most of what this program says it can do, either doesn't do it well, or not at all, as well as being annoying as he!!. I have added the logic to the PLC for the presses so it is taken care of, but I would still like to know why the program won't do what it's supposed to, especially when the User Guide has instructions on how to.

Thanks guys I appreciate it.

rdrast February 2nd, 2016 07:38 AM

For setting "More than one" parameter, try using a structure. And "Direct Reference" tags are especially bad for parameter files, try putting your tags in the tag dictionary instead, referencing the PLC.

Even if the tags in the PLC aren't in a structure, you can still create one using folders in FTView...

Folder: HMI
Tags in Folder MOP_SPEED: Current_Val, PB_Increase, PB_Decrease

The parameter file would just be: #1=HMI\MOP_SPEED\

Then the objects in the display are just #1Current_Val, #1PB_Increase, #1PB_Decrease.

There is no {} surrounding the parameter substitution.

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