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Clint63 March 17th, 2018 06:59 PM

Alternating two motors
Hi I'm kinda new at PLC programming sorta teaching myself. I need to alternate between two motors run one till satisfied the when it calls again run the other back and forth. Thanks Clint

Steve Bailey March 17th, 2018 07:27 PM

Many ways to do it. Search the forum using the key word "flip-flop" for some ideas.
A simple method is to increment a counter every time either motor starts. When the value of the counter's accumulator is even start pump A, if odd start pump B. The least significant bit of the accumulator is true for odd numbers, false for even numbers.

mendonsy March 17th, 2018 09:28 PM

The other thing you need to consider is what to do if one pump is not available or doesn't start. There needs to be some alternate method for starting the other pump in an emergency.

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