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DenZ_P October 8th, 2019 12:20 AM

FTView - cannot restore .mer "file is not a valid runtime application file."
Hello Experts,

I was given a .mer file and i cannot restore it using Application Manager. I having an error "The file C:\Users\xxxxxx is not a valid runtime application file". I had done this countless times but i am not sure what is going on at this moment.

I am using the following below:
-VMWare Machine Image - Win7 Enterprise SP1 64-Bit
-FTView v8.1 CPR 9 SR 7.4

Troubleshooting done below but issue still persist.
- Restarted VM
- Restarted Laptop
- Checked Windows Rockwell and Factory Talk services. Restarted this services and Restarted VM. Restarted Laptop
-Also followed commented by MATT116 in this thread


Originally Posted by MATT116 (Post 719144)
1 The .APA/.MER file was created in a newer version of the software and the older version does not recognize it.
Creating a*backup or runtime*file in one version of FactoryTalk*Studio then attempting to restore it in an older version is not supported.* The version of FactoryTalk View on the system restoring the file must be the same or newer than the system that created the file.* This includes patches and patch roll-ups.
2 The .APA file is from a FactoryTalk View Site Edition application and restoration is being attempted in FactoryTalk View Machine Edition.* Or the reverse.
Note: This can also be caused by trying to open a FactoryTalk View SE application with only FactoryTalk View ME installed.
3 The*file has a Read only attribute set.
4 The file was created on a computer with FactoryTalk Services Platform (FTSP) that is newer than the computer that is being restored on.
5 The file has ActiveX files in the project and those ActiveX files are not registered on the computer.
6 The trojan SProtector.A existed on the computer.
7 The computer you are restoring to does not have RSLinx Enterprise installed on it.
8 Corrupted file.

1 Upgrade to the same version of FactoryTalk View Studio*in which the archive was created including patches and patch roll-ups. FactoryTalk View Patch Roll up can be found in technote
748634 - FactoryTalk View - Patch Roll-up for CPR9 SRx
2 FactoryTalk View SE backup files cannot be restored in FactoryTalk View ME.* The reverse is also true.
3 Check the Windows attributes on the file
4 Verify FactoryTalk Services Platform is a compatible version with the system that created the file.
5 If FactoryTalk Machine Edition ActiveX files are used in the original application, the computer that is restoring the file needs to have the same OCX*versions installed and registered on the computer.
6 Scan for viruses/trojans/malware
7 Create a new file on the source system.* Verify version compatibility between*the source and recipient systems.

Note:* A possible solution to by-pass version issues with*FactoryTalk View Machine Edition*is to create a .MER file on the source system which is the same version as the recipient system.
Only version 5.0 and greater runtime files can be restored - for earlier versions see technote*8913 - Recovering a FactoryTalk View ME Project from the MER File version 4.0 or earlier.
Only v6.1 and greater runtime (.MER) files can be restored that are created on a 64 bit Windows OS.

Bob O October 8th, 2019 03:01 AM

Do you know the version it was created in? Can you post it? I think I have V11 installed on a VM I could test it on.


A_G October 8th, 2019 11:26 AM

I've had this issue before.

In my case, the .mer was created in a different version than what I had installed. I had to upgrade the version of FTView on my laptop.

Also, until a few years ago, you could not restore from .mer files, only from .apa files. (Unfortunately I don't remember what version of FTView finally lets you restore from .mer. )

Try to get the .apa file if you can, or try to find out what version of FTView the .mer was created in.

KuulKuum October 8th, 2019 11:58 AM

RA has included a tool for FactoryTalk View version 11 - "FactoryTalk View ME Version Reader" that will read the version for a Runtime (.mer) or application archive (.apa)
A standalone of this tool is also available.

Here is a link to the Legacy FTME versions that can be converted.
456868 - FactoryTalk ME Runtime (MER) Conversion Compatibility

DwSoFt October 10th, 2019 10:08 PM

There is also a way to run the mer and get most of the files to make a project. Like screens and such. Doesn't work for alarms or something like that it's a work around for the older versions in case someone lost the apa

DenZ_P October 12th, 2019 12:11 AM


Originally Posted by Bob O (Post 828606)
Do you know the version it was created in? Can you post it? I think I have V11 installed on a VM I could test it on.


Hello Bob,

Thanks for the response. The version was v11. I used the app created by one fo the members here in the thread in mu original post. I asked the guy who made it to save the runtime app in lower version. Theres no other way.

DenZ_P October 12th, 2019 12:15 AM

Hello All! Thanks for response. Solution for me is just to have the runtime app saved in a lower version cause it was in version 11. Thanks!

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