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heliocdw December 7th, 2017 11:44 AM

power flex 40p, error code F005
hello everyone, i would like to explain my problem and see if someone can help me.
we have a machine to cut wood, original the aluminium head tolling where is placed the cutters , we replace for a metal head tolling, after that when we need to stop the machine the drive power flex 40p show on the display fault F005, the manual say MONITOR THE AC LINE FOR HIGH LINE VOLTAGE OR TRANSIENT CONDITIONS, BUS OVERVOLTAGE CAN ALSO BE CAUSED BY MOTOR REGENERATION, EXTEND THE DECEL TIME OR INSTALL DYNAMIC BREAKE,i increase the decel time but still the same problem, we put it back the aluminium head tolling and the machine works good with out any problem, but when we switch to metal head is when the faul pop up,,, thank you.

rankhornjp December 7th, 2017 12:22 PM

Any problem with letting it coast to a stop instead of ramping to a stop? If not, I would set it up to coast. It sounds like the weight difference of the metal vs aluminium is enough to cause to the motor to regen which is spiking the bus voltage.

If you can't let it coast to a stop, then you need to add an external brake to eat up the extra voltage.

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