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eams2010 September 13th, 2012 03:02 AM

Pv+ 1000
I want to modify the program of a PV+, and I do not have the source file. I tried to upload it from the PV, but I found about 7 files on the PV with extension mer. I do not know which one of them is the running application. I recycled the power of the PV and checked the PV configuration and it was not showing which one is running also.
Is there eany way to know which application is running on the PV.
Thanks in advance for the help

Operaghost September 13th, 2012 03:11 AM

When you access the configuration screen at the terminal, it will list it right on the main screen.

Are you able to access the Configuration Menu? At the terminal, look for a button that says something like: Exit, Shutdown, Quit, Setup, Config. Something along those lines. The programmer can name it however they wish.

If you have a touchscreen terminal, there is another option for accessing the Configuration Menu. This method won't really help you though.

Cycle power to the terminal and after the self-tests complete, the screen will blank and you will see a flashing white square at the bottom corner of the display. Touch that button before it disappears and the terminal will boot up to the Configuration screen, however, this bypasses the start-up which means no application will be loaded.

You really don't want this method. I detailed it here in case someone suggested it.


eams2010 September 13th, 2012 03:18 AM

Unfortunately the programmer did not put such button anywhere in the program. The only way to go to configuration is to recycle the power and as you mentioned no application was loaded.
Yes, I have a touch PV+

dcooper33 September 13th, 2012 10:28 AM

I recently ran into a similar situation. There were 4 .mer's on the terminal, and an outside contractor had done the last revision to the software. In addition to not using our standard naming convention for revision changes, he also did not remember to restore the runtime security for the application after he had done an upload/restore. On this application there was a "Goto Config" button on the main screen, with security-controlled visibility, but because of the scrambled security info, was useless :smas:

So what I had to do, was upload all 4 mer's. I took screen shots of all the screens running on the terminal. I then compared the development screens of all 4 applications to the pics I had to find one that matched. Luckily, one of the 4 actually had two new screens that the others did not.

Unfortunately, this tedious method won't always work for determining current version. If the previous programmer only changed tags on objects, or object properties, visibilities, etc, or added invisible buttons, or changed passwords/added users, things like that, then you can't determine any of that just by a visual examination of the running program.

I would like to see a feature added to the terminals that would show you the last loaded application on the config screen.

MSC September 13th, 2012 09:58 PM

Recently had the same issue with a PV+ 1500. Contacted Tech. Support and was directed to copy all of the .mer files to an external storage device. Remove the external storage device. Delete all of the .mer files from the internal storage and reset the PV+. When the PV+ restarts it will not find the the runtime file and will throw an error stating it cannot find the name.mer. file.
Once the name is known the files can be transferred from the external storage back to the internal storage and the PV+ can be restarted.

Sorry if message is sloppy or fragmented, my thumbs are too big for my iPhone keypad.

eams2010 September 14th, 2012 12:28 AM

Thank you all for your feedback
I will try and let you know

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