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Pencil oh boy here goes

Your 120VAC should go to its last device that needs it and return to to source NEUTRAL. That said this is NOT a ground yet may be at ground potential. This is just a return current path. The ground itself is there to CATCH and DUMP a faulty (shorted) circuit SAFELY to SAFE potential. With this being the case the chance of a LIFE threatening fault is reduced. If the neutral goes to ground prior to its completion of the circuit the process should STOP (no power) and the GROUND installed at that enclosure should safely dump. This is NOT ideal for equipment and or processes (smoke gets out of the box) but it works well for us soft two leggers. Another cool thing is that a little ground goes a LONG way. Throw major volts at it and it is still a GROUND. Blondie did a song about what is fixin' to happen. The name is something like RIP ME/HER TO SHREDS. Remember the order Big bricks / Little Bricks
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