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thanks but thats one area that I dont need assistance with. I deal with transformers of all FLAVORS...that was part of my point with the X2 comment. I will state though that X2 is common to 120vac transformers in alot of cases but not all.

I asked that question for one reason though, my lead man and I were discussing this subject this afternoon. He had a situation where when setup up some machines that were 240v single phase the person in charge demanded that one side of the xformer be grounded and that some of that old system is still around. He didnt like it. What this does as most know is when using a meter is make one side HOT compared to ground, the same as a 120vac xformer does when one leg is grounded. Ever checked a xformer not grounded or doesnt have a center tap that is grounded. When you read to ground you may not get a reading at all or half voltage reading.

Good topic for my new website
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