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Can You Help?

This Might Take A While But I Really Need The Help For A Presentation, Please Read The Program Below Along With My Question And Description:

Right This Is What I Want To Happen, Push Button X402 Is Normally Closed And Will Turn On 2 Lamps After 10 Seconds And Then Turn Them Off Again After Another 10 Seconds This Is The Automatic Control. But When I Press X407(push Button) The Automatic Control Will Be Over Ridden And Lamp 1(y432) Will Come On And Stay On (it Will Not Go Off After A Given Time),similarly If X410 Is Pressed (push Button)the Automatic Control Will Come On And Stay On (it Will Not Go Off After A Given Time) The Only Way In Which The Outputs (lamps) Can Be Turned Off When One Of The Buttons Has Been Pressed (x407 Or X410) Is To Use The Reset Buttons, Reset For X407 Lamp 1 Is X412, And For X410 Lamp 2 Reset Button Is X413.

Ldi X402
Out Y451
K 10
Ld X451
Out Y452
K 10
Ld X451
Or Xm474
Ani X452
Out Ym474
Ld X407
Or Xm475
Ani X412
Out Ym475
Ld X410
Or Xm475
Ani X413
Out Ym475
Ld Xm474
Or Xm475
Out Y432(lamp1)
Out Y434(lamp2)

Now I Dont Think This Program Will Work , Am I Able To Use The Same M475 Twice To Output Lamps1 And 2?

No One Will Probably Answer Anyway Its Too Long, It Might Help If You Draw The Ladder Diagram, The Plc System Is The Mitshubishi F Series.
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