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Abb Ac Drive

Hi Everybody,

I know this question is not related with PLC Automation but I can see peoples having in depth knowledge in other fields too and need your help to solve the problem.

We are facing problem on cooling bed inlet roller table drive. The drive has failed four times on Short circuit fault. However we did not found any problem on field side. The problem is Ė
Original 210 A drive (ABB make, ACS601-0210-3) was running since commissioning. This drive was driving 2.2 KW, 48 Nos (Total KW-105.6, Total Load Ė 221.3 A) of cooling bed inlet roller table motors. This drive was failed on Short circuit fault. The same has been send to ABB for repair. ABB service personnel informed that the problem was with card and they did replaced the same. Meanwhile these motors were run with other 120A drive. (Some of the motors kept off to match load with this drive). After receipt of Original drive (210A), the same has been put into service. The drive ran for five days and again this drive was failed on the same fault. Field side cables, motors were checked and nothing found wrong. After checking the drive, it has been found that IGBT of the same has been failed. Again all these motors were connected to 120A drive. This 120A drive was ran for around six months without any problem. Suddenly again this drive was tripped on short circuit fault. After checking they did found that the cable from drive to motor distributor board was faulty. They replaced the cable with new one. This time drive didnít failed. After this drive ran for a month and failed on short circuit fault. After this detail checkup done on field side but didnít found anything wrong. Now the motor load is distributed into different drives to run the system.
Presently these motors are running with other smaller capacity drives. After receipt of original 210A drive from ABB, system needs to be normalized.

We tried every possibility but....Need your help about how and what we should check to get this problem solved.

Thanks in Advance
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