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Modicon Quantum (Unity) To ABB ACS 550 Drive

Hello all, first time poster here.

I have a Quantum PLC and am trying to connect to an ABB ACS 550 Drive. We are using Modbus TCP with a RETA-01 module on the drive. The communication link is ok as the RETA module sees the network but we can't get the PLC to talk to it.

We have tried all the variations of address in setting up the PLC I/O scanner (1, 40001, etc) but nothing. I have gone through the parameters and set them up according to the literature available. There is no joy in MudVille today.

I am open to pretty much any idea at this point as we are trying to start up a new plant and this is a huge hurdle we need to overcome. ABB tech support was helpful but still nothing.

Thanks everyone.
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