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controlnet scheduled messaging with redundant plc for PV

Dear Friends

Welcome to Automation World. I am working as a PLC programmer. Recently i have to configure Panelview plus 600 with 1769L35CR PLC ON CONTROLNET. I established sheduled communication. My doubt is how to identify and do the programming for hmi with Primary and Secondary 1769L35CR on controlnet. how to use the switch on error or alias topic in panelview plus on controlnet communication. When i go throught the Manual for using the schedule messaging between PV and processor, they are using the mapping of data in scanner. But it is very difficulty to make every alias tag in input table and output table for scanner. For redundant processors i have to make redundant tag with the redundant processor and to the changeover. Is there any better solution for changeover with the processor on controlnet in pv communication. Instead of making alias tag in scannesr in tag generation i want use direct input tag mappint it is possible or not. I am giving an exaple here [CNET]InputTable.51/0:1 can one suggest me and give the solution as early as possible.
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