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Originally Posted by jonney View Post
I have no clue to set up this parameter.
But according to my old line, this parameter is set by no uniform.
What are your thinking?
Which is it that you are adding/modifying?

And, earlier, you said it is presently working fine, but you are needing to update the motor?

I have lost track of the question...what is it you have right now, and what is it that you want to do. Please don't be brief.

Nice screenshots...using them as raw servos, I don't think you get all the choice as if you had used them as linear or rotary axes. Those dialogs are much more expanded in later versions of GML, but the details are still there, just not necessarily all in one tidy location.

Not saying you should change that though, the whole application needs to be considered, how the logic flows already. Perhaps one of the virtuals masters these raw servo axes?

I would have to see the whole GML diagram and all the properties to properly analyze how it works before taking a stab at modification.
It's not all the variables I am most concerned with, it's the undiscovered constants.
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