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You can do a "battery box test" in commander. I think it might be called something different in GML 3.x.
The GML 3.9.1 is different with what you said. The auto tuning almost is rubbish without function. I can send you a cope of the software and my application.Please give me your email.
K-constant. that's the word I was looking for earlier. The K-constant is encoder pulses to engineering uints. The motor definitions page should match reality, but how it is wired can affect that. If you are using a quadrature encoder with 1024PPR, and the software is set for quadrature encoder it should match.
The K-constant is just a scaling. I adjust it by MOVE command. In MOVE command window, I move 1000mm with speed 100, If the actual moved position is 1200, then I use a simple formula to compute a new K-Constant and do again for verification.
I had several systems that simply could not be autotuned with any tuning values...we simply had to turn the thing down to a crawl, and manually tune the machine over several hours, then record those values and they could be manually entered as good starting points on subsequent machines.
The auto tuning almost is rubbish and not functional.
Recently, I failed to tuning a Lenze motor. The motor is drived by a Lenze 9300 servo inverter (EVS-9327-ES). The inverter itself is on speed mode with a close loop, GML also has a close loop. Two close loops make control unstable. The speed in GML is OK (199 to 200) but the output voltage is jumping from 1VDC to 6VDC. This jumping reference is sending to Inverter. It caused motor hot,shaking and 'gu,gu,gu' sound. I am still in struggling how to adjust parameters in inverter and GML.
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