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OT: VideoJet 1520 Trigger Pinout...

I figure someone here might be using VideoJet printers. I'm interfacing to the 'Print Trigger 1' and 'Print Trigger 2 (Reverse Print)' inputs. Connectors #2 and #6 in the attached drawing.

My customer sent me the manual for the printer, but the 'pinouts' section only tells me what connector does what (the same as the sticker on the side of the printer). I need to know the pinout of the actual 3 pin connectors. Since they normally connect to photoelectric sensors, I'm guessing just +V, -V, and signal, but I don't know if it's looking for sinking or sourcing, and which pin is which...

I don't have access to the printer until Monday, but was hoping to wire up my interface this weekend, so I don't have to solder the connectors on site. I already have the correct Amphenol connectors.

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