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ABB ACS 600 Drive unit

Hello all.
At my workplace we have an ABB ACS 600 drive unit that is working fine. We have a little problem with it since we swapped out an Emerson drive. The Emerson drive unit, we swapped out for an Allen Bradley drive unit, was controlling a feeder/straightener of a feeder system. The ABB drive is controling the reeler/dereeler unit of the feeder system. Since we swapped out the emerson the reeler/dereeler unit now will slightly rotate backwards or forwards depending on the signal we send it. I am hearing that this drive must be tuned and that should give us a zero reference that we can then use to stop the drive, hopefully this will work but our keypad on the ABB Drive has ceased to function correctly in that the LCD display seems to be displaying normally but no pushbuttons work now. I fear that the keypad unit has become defective but we have no extra unit to test this. Does anyone know anyone who we can contact to possibly use a keypad for a short period of time and then ship it back to them after we see if this is the problem? Maybe a rental place or similar.
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