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PSA - high pressure oil injuries.

I know there are a lot of regulars here who work with hydraulics. A reminder to be careful. Friday Otis was tightening a slightly loose fitting connected to the rod side of a 200 ton cylinder which was fully retracted. The rod area was pressurized, pressure held in by a load holding poppet. The hydraulic pump was off. The fitting broke and the oil discharged. Otis's hand was on the wrench, not in contact with the fitting. The oil jet lasted mere milliseconds, we estimate only a thimble-full was in compression, but the jet sliced through the back of his hand making multiple entrance wounds and exiting the palm of his hand in one place, taking a big chunk of tissue with it. He has had two surgeries so far and more are expected. Oil injection injuries are very serious. The oil finds the path of least resistance and that means it flows between muscle layers, nerves, and tendons. They make a colossal mess in the body and take a very long time to heal. Be careful all you hydraulics guys.
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