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PowerFlex 700

I am having a problem to find out the cause of dropping our power flex 700 series drive. We had an issue a month ago that drive burnt out and we were replaced with new drive.
Using the old cassette from old drive, HIM module and Controlnet Card, we were able to run the drive. As well as I verified all the parameters that we have it found all ok.
From last two weeks we noticed that drive drops to 20 %(12HZ) and back to normal by itself .
This drive only has a provision to RUN from BAS (Building Automation System) and it's running on
Controlnet Network.
Following is the Rung for starting of AH unit.

Speed Reference Parameters:
Parameter# 90= DPI Port 1 value=18
Parameter# 91= DPI Port 5 value=22
Parameter# 100= 100
Parameter# 101= 5.0
Parameter# 102= 10.0
Parameter# 103= 20.0
Parameter# 104= 30.0
Parameter# 105= 40.0
Parameter# 106= 50.0
Parameter# 107= 60.0
Process PI:
Parameter# 126 = Set Point value =0
Parameter# 128 = Analog IN 2 value =2

Please advise how to trouble shoot.
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