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So are you giving a reference that the drive is not following or are you not giving the reference at all. Does the "At reference" bit ever go true?

Your program looks good and the drive parameters, I'm not to familiar with the PID so you might want to ask for other help on that one.

Regarding rung 2 on your pump control routine. I would try simply replacing the tag "Cmd_SpeedRefG" with a new tag that you can just test with. Just try and see if you are changing the input of the function block or not, then is the output of the function block reflecting that value. You do know that on rung 2 of your PF525POU, the speed reference is conditional based on an input that turns on "iPump_A" if that bit never goes true then your speed reference will never change. I'm "assuming, that bit comes on when the motor starts so it "should" be okay...... Not to assume though. See attachment.

If you are giving a changing speed reference, what does parameter 2 show in the drive? If it does reflect the speed reference of the function block than perhaps a drive parameter is the trouble.

Did you do a factory reset on the drive before commissioning?
Perhaps not related but..maybe relevant, did the drive successfully auto tune?
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