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Originally Posted by grant.dotulong View Post
Hi all,

but it seems that the analog output does not produce any signals (tried with my multimeter) even though there are values in CCW's live mode
I don't think the output is suppose to be a signal that you can measure with your meter! According to the global parameters for the OF4 output it is an "INT" value. So to me this would probable a 16 bit word value just as if you was reading a Modbus Address Value.

I don't know how the inverter will interpret that value.(I don't know how you would be communicating that value to the inverter??)

Now if you are communicating to the inverter with modbus all you would have to do is MOV that output to the modbus address for let's say speed and the inverter would respond according to the word value in the output.

Now I may not understand anything that you are trying to do, so if I am way off base please forgive, and just disregard this post!

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