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Thank you for this. I am currently connecting a Schneider HMI to a Fanuc R-30iB over Ethernet, and I thought I was going to have to use flags for all the UOPs.
2. Accessing I/O ports (%I, %Q, %M %AI, %AQ)
The R-J3iB DI[1] can be accessed from HMI device as %Q1. Therefore, the R-J3iB I/O
ports correspond to the PLC address as follows:
R-J3iB I/O port PLC address Example
Digital input DI[x] %Qx DI[1] ⇔ %Q1
Digital output DO[x] %Ix DO[1] ⇔ %I1
Robot input RI[x] %Q(5000+x) RI[1] ⇔ %Q5001
Robot output RO[x] %I(5000+x) RO[1] ⇔ %I5001
UOP input UI[x] %Q(6000+x) UI[1] ⇔ %Q6001
UOP output UO[x] %I(6000+x) UO[1] ⇔ %I6001
SOP input SI[x] %Q(7000+x) SI[0] ⇔ %Q7000
SOP output SO[x] %I(7000+x) SO[0] ⇔ %I7000
Weld input WI[x] %Q(8000+x) WI[1] ⇔ %Q8001
Weld output WO[x] %I(8000+x) WO[1] ⇔ %I8001
Wire stick input WSI[x] %Q(8400+x) WSI[1] ⇔ %Q8401
Wire stick output WSO[x] %I(8400+x) WSO[1] ⇔ %I84001
Group input GI[x] %AQx GI[1] ⇔ %AQ1
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