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Allen Bradley labs for noob?

Good morning all and Happy New Year.

Its been a year since I've taken Mr. Beaufort's class down in SC. That had to be the most informative yet grueling class I have taken since college. But unfortunately due to a crazy work schedule and life, I have not been able to practice what I learned and time with PLCs other than watching the control guys at work, I have done nothing.
However I did get the company to fork over some money and with the guidance of the control guys at work, I purchased a Control logix controller, power supply, and a digital and analog input/output card. We did also buy a end card piece I believe was some sort of terminator at the end of the cards I was told we needed. I forget actually what it was called and what its used for.
I have been given the time this year and the funds to buy and build my own trainer as well as a place to practice.

I need some practice labs or a set somewhat like that eUniversity site has. Beginning to advanced then more advanced. Something I can work through over the year. I am told we have Studio 5000 licenses available and a pc is not a problem.

Please, any guidance would be most helpful.

Thank you again.

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