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AB Kinetix 300 homing question

Happy New Year

I have a question about homing an AB Kinetix 300 servo drive. I am attempting to run this drive in position mode. The servo motor is connected to a ball screw which in turn is connected to a slide with a tool mounted to it. I need to define a home position before I can give a position for the motor to travel to. There appear to be several homing options in the book but they all require motion to a switch or a marker on the encoder. My method would be touching off the tool and then defining that point as my home position. I was thinking of jogging back and forth until I reached the point that I wanted to call home and then pressing a "home switch"

The only method that I see that does not require movement prior to homing is method 35. This is "immediate homing" This will happen as soon as I enable the drive though. That might not be correct. Is there a way that I can use the immediate home method but specify when it will take place? Is there another method that I am missing?
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