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Need Help with M3/Hour Totalizer

Hey everyone,

I need to make a 24 hour totalizer for the total outfall of treated water to the ocean. There is a Flow meter measuring cubes per hour right now and I need to sample it and create a 24 hour totalizer that will start at 12am and run for 24 hours then send a number to the HMI in which I will have the last 7 days displayed. I need the totalizer to reset every 24 hours at 12 am so the operator can log the outfall total cubes every 24 hours at midnight.

I looked at threads involving totalizers but just want some clarification on this since I'm using a flow meter measuring cubes per hour and my brain isn't functioning well right now brain storming this. I'm using RSLogix 5000 to program this with Ladder Logic.

any help is appreciated.


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