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Crimson 3 Allen Bradley String Array

Has anyone ever setup and array in Crimson 3 of string tags which are imported via the "Allen-Bradley Native Tags via L5K file Enhanced" driver?
For example in the attached file the Shot.Data.Part_Number[0-2999].Data tag is an array of 3000 element of strings. The .data member of the string is array of 82 element. The attached file shows crimson is looking at last index in tag name and determining the max size of 82 not 3000. However when I use a simple data box to display the contents of the string they are empty
Shot.Data_Part_Number[0] is empty
Shot.Data_Part_Number[1] is empty
Shot.Data_Part_Number[2] is empty
The .data member in the processor is 'Part Number' so I would have guessed to at less see some of the string when displaying the content of the string.

I have also attached an image of the data tab on the data tag Shot.Data.Part.Number.

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