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I've been assigned a project at work where I have to add a display to an SE application. Easy enough, except for the fact that it's being used as a marquee display on a remote monitor above a line... with ZERO used interface. I'm trying to use a counter in a ControlLogix processor to index between screen and I am having ZERO luck. I've copied the VBA script that Rockwell's Tech Connect has swore would work but yet still no screen change.

So here's the particulars:
Screen number tag type in the display is Analog due to the way I set the logic up for future adding of screens.

The attached file is a screenshot of the logic which is functioning.

This application is pulling information on the displays properly from this PLC so it's not an RSLinx issue.

Example of the startup macro syntax used for the displays:
Display Overhead_Display /ZA

VBA Code used:

Private Sub NumericDisplay9_Change()
If Not IsError (NumericDisplay9.Value) Then
If NumericDisplay9.Value = 1 Then
ExecuteCommand "Display Overhead_Display_2"
End If
End If
End Sub

Please forgive my ignorance in advance since I definitely am not a VBA guru by ANY MEANS!
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