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Exclamation HELP!!! Silver suitcase test

I am looking for some help to familiarize myself with some components for a "suitcase test” that i will take next week to become an apprentice electrical technician at a major company. If hired i will receive top notch training for the position but i must do better than quite a few others. My question is: Can you provide any info on how i can use wiring diagram to determine which wires are in the wrong ports on a type of makeshift control panel?

…this will be a test that has one wire intentionally in the wrong slot. it has a few components, one of which is a relay(I’m not sure about the others, but they look similar to what you see inside a control panel. Im given a wiring diagram and asked to locate this wire and correct it, which should then power on a motherboard fan to signify completion.

Again, this is called a “suitcase test” and has 4 panels inside a large suitcase with 4 different tasks to complete in 30 minutes or so.

just to add info:

panel 1 is : wire a 3 phase motor for high voltage

panel 2 is : adjust a photo eye to proper sensitivity

panel 3 is : take a reading (from a resistor i think) using a multimeter

im somewhat familiar with the first 3.

panel 4 is : looks similar to the inside of a control panel with only 3 or 4 components, one of which is a relay not sure about the others-- and a fan on a switch that will operate once the wire is correctly placed.

I hope i have painted a proper picture and you can help. ill be forever in you debt. and my Wife thanks you as well. LOL
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