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Keyence SR-1000 on a MicroLogix vs CompactLogix?

I have a customer that wants to install a barcode scanner to read labels coming out of a label machine just before they are put on bottles going down a conveyor.

The idea is to have the operator enter the expected UPC code on an HMI, and if the SR-1000 sees any label that does not have that same code, to shut down the line. This would prevent the wrong label being put on the bottle.

The labeling machine has a MicroLogix 1400, but I'm wondering if there are are any add-on instructions available for Studio 5000 that would make this much easier? Does anyone have any experience with that? It would be pretty easy to stick in a new 5380 CompactLogix if it so. The Keyence site to download manuals and sample code is down right now.

Also, if it's possible, I'd like to set the barcode scanner to automatically scan as fast as possible at all times to increase the chance of catching each label- is that something that works or do I need to figure out a way to trigger it with every label coming by?

Thanks in advance- this will be my first time playing with packaging equipment.

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