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cp1h-y20dt-d Pulse/Dir Pulse Wiring to Servo Contoller


I have a cp1h-y20dt-d (sinking output) plc supposedly to be wired to a servo controller. The pulse control method is Pulse/Direction. I've did some manual research on the PLC and found the following diagram:


Since the diagram above doesnt show which terminals does it connect to in the CP1H side circled red, I want to ask if those connections belong to the following diagram?


If so, assuming im planning to use only Pulse Output1 (Pulse/Direction method) from the PLC side, is the connection from the first diagram no.1=CCW0- , no.2=CCW1- , no.3=COM (connected to -ve)

*Note: these diagrams are from omron's manual SYSMAC CP Series CP1H-X40D_-_ CP1H-XA40D_-_ CP1H-Y20DT-D CP1H CPU Unit

Your replies would greatly help.

Thanks and best regards,
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