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Beginning path PLC programming

Hi my name is Carlo, Iím new in this forum.

After long time I decided to come back to study or better implement with some certificates my profession. I founded this forum and hopefully guys you can help me in my decision or better give me some clarification.

I was looking into PLC programming/technician. I have an associate degree in engineer of telecommunication and I remember I studied something about this argument with circuit theory, systems theory, ADC/DAC conversion, filters and pretty much my course was based on signals through air or cables. I donít know if my knowledge can help actually.

Shortly what Iím asking to myself now is
1) Is it worth it to get this path?? Are there jobs out there?
2) Is this the future? In the sense that with all the automation is coming in the new era, are the new machine or most of them programmable with this method? Or maybe the programming is going to change in new languages like Java or others
3) What is your best advice from some experts like you to someone like me in the beginning?
4) I founded some class online (cause I have a part-time job now) but I have no idea witch one get it and for how much. For example I founded this one at George Brown college at 1700$. What you think?? What do you suggest??
5) Most important maybe Where I can start??

I really appreciate any kind of advice whatever they are (like donít do it!! Itís kind of hard for me come back to study at 40 years old but I was thinking to increase the chances to find jobs now and in the future.

Thank you so much in advance
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