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S7-1500 reinitialization of data blocks & tag tables

I have very annoying and potentially dangerous problem with S7-1500 PLCs and TIA Portal.
Whenever I add a tag to a data block or even change a name of a tag inside DB and download it to a PLC, I must click that I allow reinitialization of all data blocks.
Which basically resets everything to initial values, destroying anything I modified with variable value.
I want to avoid this if possible, is there any way?

Another problem I have is that another person working on 1500 cannot upload my tags in tag table, if I add a tag and another guy uploads (we often have more than one guy on a PLC) he will upload a tag but if he has no tag with same name is his offline tag table it will be unrecognized, basically you can't upload a tag and its address.
I want to upload tags and address of a tag from 1500, is it possible?
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