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845P encoder to ML1500 HSC card

Hello everyone, I have finally got some spare time to start back messing around with my test bench and I thought I would add an encoder to my ML 1500. I have wired the encoder up to a 1769 HSC located in slot 1.

Red to A0+
Violet to A0-

Green to B0+
Blue to B0-

Yellow to Z0+
Orange to Z0-

Power is supplied by 3 AA batteries, that read 4.8v(could`t find a power supply).
I have the lights flickering on the A/B of card, haven`t seen anything on Z.

My question is in the Adv.Config for the HSC, counters tab, what would be the operational mode for the 845p encoder? Tried encoder X1 and Pulse internal dir. Downloaded each to processor and did not see any of the values change in the HSC.
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