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Question Beckhoff TC2 ADS Error 1796 writting/reading not permitted

Hello all,

I ran in to some trouble.
I created 2 virtual machines to try out ADS communicating One machine is a PLC (TC2 32bit (runtime)), other is (should be) a client (TC2 64bit engineering+ Visual studio adsAPI) that should read/write from/to PLC VM.

1. problem : TC2 64 bit engineering does not find a PLC VM. (i know it is possible to find it ( )but mine does not find it)

2 problem: (bigger one). I can find this VM PLC from other 32bit VM with TC2 32bit, but when I try to "add route" I get ADS error 1796.

I saw one post on this forum about very similar issue(, but could not find answer here.

Maybe someone here tried this out and could help me out?

thanks you all in advance
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