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Originally Posted by DonBlack View Post
The hold setting on a ftvme momentary pb holds the bit true for the set time. So if hold is set for 2 seconds and you just tap the button, the bit still stays true for 2 seconds.
Originally Posted by arlenjacobs View Post
There is no delayed write option in FTView ME. As soon as you touch that button it writes to the tag; just like DonBlack says.
So it turns out I'm wrong about the operation of the "hold time" function! Don and Arlen have it correct - see attached a screenshot of the help file confirming this.

That being the case, my advice above is of limited value. In this instance, I'd suggest that your safest bet is a popup confirmation as others have suggested. And as I mentioned previously, make sure you have some method of "unsticking" the jog button in the case that the button release message gets lost.

Thanks for the correction!
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