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Move time/date stamp into HMI

Hi folks.
First time I've tried to do this. I am using rs5K V.28 and change, FTV ME V.8.0. I have a project that entails moving values into numerical displays in the HMI. I have cycle counts coming in, and when a tool is changed out after so many counts, maintenance pushes a reset button on the screen and it resets the counter, and moves the counts into a history display (6 historical values). I got that with no problem. How do I move a time/date value into a numerical display? I used the GSV and "WallClock", "LocalDateTime" attribute. My question is it ought to show up in logic, but how do I configure the numerical display? It seems there will be at least 15 or 16 places. I'm just wanting to save Month, day, year, and hours/minutes. This is so they can see how long it was since the last reset. Thanks folks. I hope to wrap this up tomorrow.
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