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Using a Rslogix500 bit in Rslogix5000

Hey all... this is a bit of a long one so bear with me...
Is there a way to use a bit from Rslogix500 that is on a SLC in a Rslogix5000 program.

I am setting hour timers on the aerators where i am working and two of the aerators are controlled from a seperate building and are connected to teh electrical building via a radio modem.. and i was going to set up a timer in rslogix5000 but in order to get the timer to start i need the run bit from the rslogix500 progam is there a way i can my Rslogix5000 to read the bit from Rslogix500...
Will my rslogix5000 program be able to read that bit from the other building in order to start the timer..
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