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Mitsubishi Q-series: IO Assignment page, when adding a new module...

I want to add a new ANALOGUE INPUT module into our PLC (Q68AD-G), but I'm a bit confused about something. I would've thought that the IO ASSIGNMENT page in GX Developer would match the physical layout of the modules in the PLC cabinet, but it doesn't.
The first 5 modules match up (indicated by tick), but then the next 2 modules (marked by "?") are physically not on the rack...on the rack they are EMPTY (QD60 blank covers).
I was planning to add the new module (Q68AD-G) in the location of the first EMPTY slot, i.e. in slot 0-4, remove the QD60 and insert the Q68AD-G. However, for the IO ASSIGNMENT page, would I need to change Row 5 to Type=INTELLI, Module name=Q68AD-G, Points=16points - and keep the same StartXY (0040)?
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