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Originally Posted by OkiePC View Post
Which is it that you are adding/modifying?

And, earlier, you said it is presently working fine, but you are needing to update the motor?
Yes. I am doing commissioning on a new Lenze motor and Lenze inverter to replace original HR2000 inverter and Reliance motor. But the Lenze motor is shaking,unstable,hot and OC. so I suspect some parameters such as Transducer/Mtr revolutions or motor type set improperly. I checked 5 IMCs with total 13 GML program. The Transducer/Mtr revolutions and Motor type in original program are being set no uniform. I remember we have changed some encoders from 2048PPR to 1024PPR. And we never changed the Transducer/Mtr revolutions parameter,just changed K constant, but the motor is running OK.
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