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Originally Posted by Bob O View Post
Sorry in advance for resurrecting an old thread but I'm in a similar spot.

A firm is proposing 1 – 120 VAC circuit to the control panel for the PLC and associated I/O. They are also proposing 3 – 480 VAC circuits into this same control panel that would feed three pumps from the control panel.

This isn't classified as an “Industrial Machine” through NFPA 79 so the door disconnect code from them doesn't come into play. The 480 breakers are in-sight and near the control panel.

This set-up doesn't feel right but I need more to go on and I'm not a code expert.

Any help is appreciated,
Why not (1) 480 supply disconnect for all three pumps (on their own protection in panel) and a 480/120 control transformer for control?
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