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Taylor Industrial Software

I am working with a customer that has a control system that is using a Wonderware like software called Taylor Industrial Software that is being used as an HMI interface to a Modicon 984 PLC.

They are wanting to upgrade the PLC to a Quantum 140 CPU 113 02 PLC system. The current system is communicating via Modbus Plus through a Bridge Mux (NW-BM85-000). They would like to leave the existing Taylor Software in place and just swap out the PLC. I am concerned that this older software may have issues talking to the Quantum Processor.

What I know about the Taylor Industrial Software is that it must be DOS based as it is currently running on a Win 95 machine that when they tried to upgrade the windows software the Taylor software quit working. They Taylor software is not Y2K compliant as when the PC is set to the current date the Taylor Software will quit working.

I know you will tell me to just upgrade the software. Well, the reason for the PLC upgrade is to interface it to a new DCS system that is being installed. But, they would like to retain the existing Taylor Software during the transition, I also think that there may be some internal plant politics at work.

If I can give them a definitive answer one way or the other that would really help.

So my question is, Does anyone have any experience with this Taylor Industrial Software and do you think it will work with a Quantum 140 CPU 113 02 processor through Modbus Plus??

Thanks for your help!!
Brad L.
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