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Get online with a GE Fanuc 90-30 PLC

It looks like we still got a few of these GE PLC around. A 90-30 and a Series one. Hoping someone familiar with these can help me with these questions below. The longer term plan is to replace them with AB.

1. From searching, it looks like Series One is the same as Automation Direct DL 305 but 90-30 is a different thing completely, correct?

For the 90-30 PLC, we found a copy of VersaPro 2.03 CD, we got it installed in trial mode in XP virtual machine but can't get comm going even after check for everything. We were able to open an offiline file though.

2. I also found a Proficy Machine Editon V5.00 CD today. Can I run this on Win 7?

3. Does VersaPro or Proficy ME work like RSLogix where the offline file reflect the comm setting the PLC port is set to? It seems weird that both port1 and port2 are set to "RTU" in the offline program.

The 90-30 is a model 363, there are 3 comm port I see, one DB15 on the Power supply, one DB15 on the CPU, and a RJ11 on the CPU. both DB15 are wired up and goes "somewhere".

4. The RJ11 is open, can I use the RJ11 to communicate? The manual shows a cable IC693CBL316 which I can make.

-I emailed GE about the price to upgrade the Proficy ME to the latest edition, haven't heard back yet.

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