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The 90-30 was GE's successor product to the Series One. When GE started selling the 90-30 Koyo, the manufacturer of Series One product began selling it through TI as the TI305. Later, Siemens purchased TI's PLC business and continued to offer the product. Still later Koyo formed Automation Direct (originally PLC Direct) and continued to market the product as the DL305.
VersaPro was obsolete by the time Windows 7 was first released. It might install, it might even work, but as a new user when you run into problems you won't know for sure whether the problem is your lack of familiarity or incompatibility with the OS.
The oldest PME CD I could quickly lay my hands on was version 5.5. The IPI document for that version doesn't mention Windows 7 as a supported OS.
Yes, the offline project file tells you what the port settings are, assuming that the file is what has actually been sent to the PLC. The RJ11 (Port 1) on the CPU363 can be used for program upload/download. However, if it is already configured as an RTU slave, you'll need to go through the power supply port to change it. It is somewhat odd that someone would change the port to RTU and then not use it. The default setting is SNP.
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